Motorola VB400 Body Camera


The Motorola VB400 body camera are a must-have for any situation where video recording is needed

  • RUGGED AND RESISTANT : Operating temperature from -20 to +50C
  • SHIFT LONG BBATTERY LIFE: 12 hours of continuous recording
  • SECURE MOUNTING OPTIONS: Klick Fast, Quick Release, Close Fit, Alligator Clip
  • PRE & POST RECORDING: Up to 2 minutes buffer time
  • HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: 1080p & 30fps recording with 120 degree horizontal lens and 0.2 lux low light
  • CONFIGURABLE RECORDING: 5 software configurable buttons with LED, Beeps, Haptic feedback and powersave
  • PEER ASSISTED RECORDING: An activated camera will trigger an unactivated camera if it comes within a defined proximity
  • REAL TIME VIDEO STREAMING: Stream video from WiFi connected VB400 cameras to the VideoManager


  Security policy

Secure payment with Stripe (card payment) or Paypal (with account or card payment)

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Secure Delivery with Royal Mail including tracking number

  Return policy

6 month Guarantee on all Body cameras along with 14 day return policy

The Motorola VB400 is designed to make capturing interactions in the field as easy as possible. With an intuitive one-touch control system and large, easy-to-use buttons, users can quickly and easily start recording with a single press. The device’s dual microphones capture both sides of conversations clearly, while its wide-angle lens captures the whole picture in HD detail.

The Motorola VB400 is designed for use in challenging or unpredictable environments. Its rugged, resistant construction ensures it can stand up to extreme temperatures and humidity. The device also boasts a shift-long battery life of 12 hours, meaning it will never miss an important moment. To ensure secure mounting, the device offers several options including Klick Fast, Quick Release and Close Fit.

The Motorola VB400 also features several advanced recording features. Pre- and post-recording buffer time of up to 2 minutes helps capture the start and end of conversations, while configurable software buttons with LED, beeps, haptic feedback and powersave allows users to customize their recording experience. Peer-assisted recording is also available, meaning if an activated camera comes within a defined proximity, it will trigger any inactive cameras in the area to start recording too.

The Motorola VB400 offers exceptional video quality at 1080p and 30fps with its 120 degree horizontal lens and 0.2 lux low light setting. With this device, users can easily capture events in the field and have peace of mind knowing their recordings are secure.

All footage is stored and encrypted until it is redocked, at which point it is offloaded securely and automatically. With its advanced features and secure data storage, the Motorola VB400 makes capturing interactions in any environment simple, reliable and secure.

This device provides an ideal solution for anyone needing to capture evidence or interactions in challenging situations.